Question of survival: thirty days without alcohol and chocolate?

Hello world!

Germany is a relatively straightforward nation to take up residence in, as an English-speaking foreigner. However, it comes with its difficulties, frustrations and hilarities.

St Englmar

(Sankt Englmar, January 2016 – spectacular snow and forest to explore.)

I’m a Brit living in Regensburg, in the heart of beautiful Bavaria, Southern Germany. I blog sometimes about my experiences in Germany but about the general flotsam of life too.

I’ll start by saying the last couple of months have not been a walk in the park. When I try to break out of a funk. I usually start looking for challenges to distract me. This time around, I want to live without a couple of vices for a while. For thirty days, starting 10th February, I will attempt to avoid alcohol and chocolate. If I make it 30 days, I will consider extending this until Easter.

So, I will attempt to document this in this blog to see whether this really is a challenge. One can hope that no alcohol should pose little challenge, but I have a feeling that social situations are going to strain me a bit. I live in the land of beer (and chocolate) (and cake).



Naturally I’m buying something stupendously chocolate-y tomorrow to have with my alcohol.

Question of survival: thirty days without alcohol and chocolate?